Set yourself up for Success!

Setup Fundamentals

Setting yourself up for a successful golf shot begins with having an effective setup position. Let’s take some time to check the fundamentals of your position at address. This is important because a proper setup will allow you to make the most powerful golf swing while creating more consistent shots. Most of my students are searching for just that – more distance and even better direction!
Let’s reach your full potential by setting you properly. Keep your back straight and bend forward from the hips. Think of the forward bend as a tush push because of where your backside goes as you bend forward; however, be careful not to arch your lower back. This sounds easy, but many of my students struggle with this forward bend. Be sure to bend from your hips and avoid rounding your upper back. Simply stand up straight and bend forward from the hips. Your backswing rotation will be impeded if you arch your lower back or round your upper back, which usually results in many swing flaws. 
Think of the forward tilt like this: You have just arrived home from grocery shopping and you want to carry all of the bags into the house in one trip. Your arms are full, but you have to close the car door. What do you do? Obviously, you stand with your back to the car door and then quickly bend and bam, your backside hits the door and it slams shut. This is the tush push.
After the tush push, allow your arms to hang from your shoulders. This is where you’ll grip the club. Avoid reaching out from your body, which will cause tension in your arms and shoulders. I call this part of the setup tilt and hang.

Now, take some time to review your setup in a mirror with a golf club. Look into the mirror face on, tilt forward, and let your arms hang. Go ahead and grip the club, setting your hands in front of the inner thigh of your lead leg. Check your balance. You should feel sturdy enough that someone couldn’t knock you over with a slight push. Now, look in the mirror from the side to ensure that your back is neutral. From this position, tilt your pelvis back and forth while keeping your upper back still. This move will test the muscles you will use during your golf swing. If you cannot make this movement, I suggest finding a fitness professional with golf-fitness training to help you. If you can make the move but feel shaking, repeat the pelvis tilt three times a week for ten repetitions to strengthen those muscles. This exercise will help you rotate more efficiently around your spine when it is in the tilted position.
A great set up will create even more power and consistency in your golf swing! It’s worth taking some time to review and practice your setup.
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