Confidence in Work and Golf

I read an awesome article in giving career advice to working women by Diana Middleton. As in golf, most of the time women are the minority in business and especially at a board room table. This can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

The article shares that often times in business women are more focused on their level of competence rather than their level of confidence. Confidence is a key to success! Competence is also important but men will often advance in a company or get their ideas heard because of they exude confidence. Many women who are fully competent may still appear lacking in belief.

Here is some advice from Diana’s article, “If you find yourself in such a situation, but are feeling insecure, it can be difficult to act confidently. One way to find courage is to utilize confident body language. Leaning back in your chair and taking up space in the room display a sense of self-assuredness. Speaking with authority in a calm voice is another sign.”

Body language is a key to success on the golf course as well. As you approach the tee keep your chest out, chin up and shoulders back. When you are waiting to hit your shot stand in a “Wonder Woman” pose.

Sometimes you need confidence just to say yes to an invitation to play golf as an informal networking opportunity. Stand tall and give an authoritative, “Yes!” to playing golf. Too many women decline these opportunities because they don’t feel like they are good enough. The key is more confidence, not hitting more range balls! You can create that confidence with body language and positive thoughts.

The article concludes by saying, The next time you’re in a room filled with men, don’t worry about having a fully formed idea before speaking. Just speak up—and with force. Having a passionate voice is more important than having no voice at all. Harness that passion confidently in your body language and speech. Take up space, embrace your confidence, keep calm, and lead.” Show up confidently on the golf course as well!

Golf Positive! Live Positive!

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