I have a philosophy in life that I try to live by everyday … Learn from other peoples mistakes so I don’t have to make them all myself! Mistakes are definitely opportunities to learn. I feel that if you learn from an event that didn’t go as planned it isn’t a failure. But why make all the mistakes yourself when others have come before you and made the same mistake?

If you can learn from a coach or mentor or research, you can reach your goals much faster than those that came before you! For example, research in golf has proven that a pre-shot routine performed consistently helps to put us in the best state to hit an effective golf shot. I don’t have to experiment on my own and make swings with and without a pre-shot routine and track the results. I’m going to heed the advice of professionals.

About 25 years ago I met an awesome lady who was battling skin cancer. She asked me if I put sunscreen on before going outside and if I reapplied during my round of golf. I assured her that I took those precautions. Then she said, “Make sure you put the sunscreen on the top of your ears.” She showed me where the tops of her ears had to be cut off because of the skin cancer. Now this was something I didn’t think about. I learned from her experience and started to apply sunscreen to my ears!

Make an effort to learn something everyday from other peoples experiences! Sometimes you’ll learn what not to do and other days you’ll learn what to do! My other philosophy is to find people who are successful in all areas of their lives and find out what actions that they take each day. We can learn from others mistakes and their success!

Create the life of your dreams by having a coach or mentor to guide you!

Be Positive – Live Positive – Golf Positive


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