Clarity on Your Target

In golf and in life it is essential to have clarity on your end goal. You get what you focus on in life. 
On the golf course be sure to have a specific target for every shot. Often times I’ll ask a player, “What is your target?” and the response is something like “somewhere in play” or “the middle of the fairway” or “the green.” In choosing your target, it’s best to choose a very specific target like, the left edge of the bunker, or the tree behind the green or the flag or a spot on the green to land a chip shot. The more specific the target, the more clarity you’ll have in the shot you plan to execute. 
Also, pick a target that gives you room to be successful. By successful I mean, even if your ball does not go exactly as planned, there is still room to the left and right of the target for your ball to land in a good position. It was Jack Nicholas who said, “I hit 5 or 6 perfect shots per round, the rest are just good misses.” That’s coming from one of the best players to ever step on the links!
Choosing your target is part of your pre-shot routine.  You may already have a pre-shot and that is fantastic! Be sure to incorporate time to think and plan your shot as well as choosing a target and spot for alignment from behind the ball. 
After all of the decisions are made and you know the exact shot you plan to execute, it’s time to stop thinking and just get aligned and set up and focus on the target, and swing!

Mark Cuban said “stay focussed and believe in yourself and your own ability and judgement.” Focus on your target ….. Remember, the golf ball is NOT the target!
“What? I’m trying to hit the golf ball, why is that not my target?”  Your target is where you want the ball to go… like the flag, or a tree that is in line with the center of the fairway. Engage with the target, breathe and swing without thoughts.
That is true focus! Your body knows how to swing the golf club, so you don’t need swing thoughts during your actual swing, they actually just get in the way! Instead, let the ball just get in the way of your swing. Again, you don’t want to try to hit the golf ball.
Take some time to review your pre shot routine and practice focussing only on the target. If you want to be a more consistent player, you need to be consistent in your preparation.
In life, get crystal clear on your ultimate vision. How much money are you making? What career is perfect for you? What is your fitness level? How much energy, joy, enthusiasm and passion do you feel everyday? What do you imagine for your extraordinary relationship?
Take some time to get clear on your goals in life. Ask yourself, how can I achieve this outcome? Don’t allow yourself to make excuses, as the Nike ad says, “Just Do It! Getting clarity and focus is the first step!
Be Positive, Live Positive, Golf Positive

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