Harriette is an Inspiration to Everyone!

A 91 year old women completed the San Diego Marathon in record time for US single age group, 7 hours 7 minutes and 42 seconds!  Harriette Thompson ran her first marathon at 76 years of age!  http://www.people.com/article/harriette-thompson-91-finishes-marathon-in-san-diego

Harriette is an inspiration to everyone, whatever age, reminding us that a positive attitude and belief in yourself will carry you the distance!  I encourage you to bring this attitude to the golf course. There will be missed shots and challenges holes to navigate but think like Harriette when she was struggling at mile 17 but pushed through!  She also is a cancer survivor.
There will be ups and downs on the golf course but don’t let the unfortunate situations get you down. Think of the next shot as an opportunity to recover and successfully finish the hole and round!

Keep believing! Think-Positive – Live-Positive – Golf -Positive

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