During a fun weekend with my family in Atlantic City, an idea for a new business popped into my head. I literally woke up, saying, “I’ve got it!” I quickly found a pen and a piece of paper and started scribbling, including the name “Golf-Positive” and notes for the chapters of a book.

Something big was bubbling up from all the laughter during that family getaway. Call it the perfect brainstorm: We all started talking about how the book could have one chapter with a golf lesson and the next about a positive mindset. “Golf-Positive, A Guide to Perspective” was one of the ideas for the book’s title.

I shared my favorite new quote with everyone: “An optimist figures that taking a step backward after having taken a step forward is not a disaster. It’s a cha-cha.” One of the chapters could be called “Cha-Cha.” Maybe even “Chi Chi,” a play on the great Chi Chi Rodriguez. More ideas flowed and my list of “things to do” grew … register the name Golf-Positive, start an LLC, create a logo, design a website (well, hire someone to do that) and build content, write a book proposal, plan a social media strategy. Oh yeah, I can’t forget: Write a business plan. After all, what is Golf-Positive?

Defining “Golf–Positive” and its mission took a bit of time and thought. Golf is taught as a sport for life. It was important to consider the breadth of the game as well as the ideal attitude. Golf is a metaphor for life. The game challenges us with hazards, bunkers, hills, roughs and out of bounds. There are penalties. To play well, we must learn to handle the emotions of the highs of amazing execution and success as well as the lows of missed shots and lost balls. It’s important to “tee” yourself up for success, to think and plan your next move, and then follow through. And of course, you need to keep moving in the direction of your goal. Staying in a good frame of mind makes the entire journey more enjoyable and more successful.

After years of experience and learning, I teach a 4-step plan for success, CORE Triumph! It’s a formula that is proven, so I’m thrilled to teach it to anyone who has a goal they want to achieve, on or off the golf course!

Fast forward from that Atlantic City weekend: I have a registered trademark for Golf-Positive, I formed an LLC and bought the domain names golfpositive.com, golf-positive.com, golfpositive.net and golfpositive.org. I hired an amazing motivational speaker to teach me how to make my presentations even better. I have a website and many social media forums! The corporate outings and speaking opportunities keep arising.

Creating the logo did take some time. I described the concept of Golf-Positive to a graphic artist with whom I had worked in the past. I wanted the logo to visually pop with the essence of Golf- Positive. Finally it came to me: Make the “o” in golf a golf ball and have it falling into the hole, which is the “o” in positive! That says it all … setting your goal, following through and winning. I can almost hear the sound bottom of the cup.

 I have sat in audiences listening to motivational speakers with this inner voice telling me that I’m supposed to be that person someday. It happened for the first time about 25 years ago, but I knew that I needed to have a success story to share before I could teach others how to succeed. I had to walk the walk before I could talk the talk. Well, this is the moment. Golf-Positive is in full swing!

Live Positive – Be Positive – Golf Positive

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