Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf Can Help You Change Your Mindset and Stay Fit

By guest blogger Jordan Fuller

What is the single, biggest misconception about golf? For most, it is the reputation of golf itself as a sport. Many people, even golfers, doubt about the health benefits, which essentially should be the key quality of any sports. Many people believe that the health benefit of golf comes only from the walking activities between holes. Yet, is that truly the case?

Actually, there are many more health benefits from golf as an activity. Not only for your body, but also in improving your mental state. Below we will debunk the myths and show you the facts about the health benefit of golfs. Let us begin with the mind and mental aspects.

Golf Can Teach You How To Stay Focused

It is a well-known fact that in this modern life, we lose focus more easily, which is often known as the shortened attention span. The good news is, golf as a game demands a lot of focus, which in turn, will teach you to stay focused in your day to day activities. To get the most of this benefit, the best thing you can do is improving your ability to focus on the course itself. The best way is to set small goals each round, that are both realistic and challenging enough. Break the course to groups of three holes, and set a small goal for each group. We often get dismayed when making a poor score, considering the whole round is ruined by it. By breaking the course, if you make any bad score, your mindset is changed that it only hurts that sole group of three holes, and you can keep your focus for the next. Also, develop a standard pre-shot routine that calms you and helps you focus. Look at how Tour players are obsessive with their routines, and sometimes will repeat the routine when they are distracted.

Golf Can Help You Stay Fit Easily

Not only golf demands a lot of focus during the rounds, but it also demands your fitness. Thankfully, the game of golf itself provides a lot of ways to stay fit without much effort. First, we all know a game of golf involves a lot of walking. If you really want to get the most of it, avoid golf carts and walk as much as possible. It is a great way to build stamina. Second, carrying your own clubs helps you build strong bones and muscles. Doing these two can also get rid of excess body fat, helping you stay fit and lean. To make the most of the fitness benefits, here are some things you can do:

  • Drink a lot of water

Drinking more water not only regulates your body temperature and improving overall functions. It also controls your appetite, thus helping you lose weight. Specific for your golf performance, it also improves muscle functions for more powerful swings.

  • Track your calories

There are a lot of smartphone apps that can help you track what you eat and drink. Some can even track your steps during a golf round. By tracking your calories, you can set realistic goals to help you stay motivated.

Golf Has Great Health Benefits

So, what are the health benefits of golf? Let’s list a few:

  • Cardiovascular Health

A game of golf is a great way to let your heart pumping healthily. As mentioned, walking and carrying your bag, as well as swinging the clubs increase your heart rate and blood flow. On average, during an 18-hole round, a golfer can have an average heart rate of 100 BPM for two to five hours.

  • Weight Loss

Studies suggested that a male golfer burns roughly 2,500 kilocalories during an 18-hole round. Female players? Around 1,500 kilocalories. A round of golf is definitely more entertaining than spending those hours on a treadmill machine or stationary bike.

  • Sleep Better, Less Stress

The pleasure of walking in fresh air surrounded by beautiful landscape can help you sleep better at night. The social aspect of golf can also help with this fact, releasing endorphin to enhance your mood levels.

  • Live Longer

This is the best part. Studies suggested that golfers have 40% lower death rate, or around a 5-year increase in life expectancy. Want to live longer and healthier? Play golf!

End Words

Golf is indeed a game with many health benefits for your body and soul. The best part is, golf is arguably more entertaining than any other sports, and you can get all the health benefits without much effort.
Golf Positive! Live Positive!

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