January, the first month of the new year!  It’s like starting a round of golf!
I’m sure you feel the same as I do when I’m on my way to the golf to play, excited about the possibility of a great round of golf!  You start at even par again … a clean slate!

How are you doing so far in your new year?  One of my goals for this year is to read more books!  I recently read that Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman and CEO of Facebook, set the same goal for 2015!!  He may not have the “Oprah Effect” on reading, but I’m sure many will follow his book recommendations!!  I’m at even par on my goal as I have finished one book this month.  Now some of you veracious readers may laugh that my plan is to complete only one book per month!  I do enjoy reading, I just haven’t made the time for it in the past.  Well, I would read on vacation.  Since I don’t vacation every month, I will start to make the time in my daily life!

How are you doing with your 2015 goals?  Maybe you have exceeded your goal and made a “birdie” for the month of Jan.  Congratulations on a fantastic start!!  If you made a bogey or double bogey, meaning to you didn’t followthrough with your plan,  it’s ok, restart!!

Similar to golf, a bad first hole, doesn’t mean you will play a poor round of golf!!  Learn something and then move on!  You get to start over on each hole on the golf course and in life, each new day is an opportunity!

Make it an extraordinary year by continuing to reach for your dreams, both on and off the golf course!

Be positive, live positive, Golf Positive!!

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