Mindset of a Champion – Oct 14

Would you like to think like a Champion and crush the self doubt and stress of uncertainty that has held you back in just a one hour free webinar?

Do you feel like you can accomplish more?
Have you ever thought, “I’m better than this!”
Has doubt, fear and lack of confidence kept you from performing at a peak level?

I Have and That’s Why I Created This Free Webinar just for you live on

October 14th, 2020 at 6pm – 7pm EDT

My life hasn’t always been this way …

I’ve experienced doubt, fear, uncertainty, and failures throughout my life. There was a time I had major credit card debt and struggled to pay my bills. I was an LPGA Professional entering tournaments hoping not to embarrass myself and my goal was to not come in last place. When I completed my college basketball career I looked back and thought, “I did well, but I didn’t reach my full potential.”

Even through everything I remained optimistic and continue to believe that it is possible for me to reach my full potential in life. My years of being coached, learning from the best, I have found and implemented the formula to have a champion mindset. I’d be honored to share it with you!

What Does Having the Mindset of a Champion Look Like?
  • Being your authentic self
  • Unrelenting confidence
  • Achieve your goals
  • Play your best
  • A fit and healthier lifestyle
  • Live an even more fulfilling life
Here is what to expect from Mindset of a Champion:
  • The understanding of how our conscious and unconscious minds influence our lives
  • Reveal the limiting thoughts that have held you back
  • Learn how to unleash the negative thoughts and beliefs
  • Raise the BAR in all areas of your life in terms of your Beliefs – Actions – Results
  • Create your vision of living with a mindset of a champion
  • Know how to set goals that you will achieve

Learn the secrets to unlocking your true talents in this free webinar Mindset of a Champion!

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