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  • Pre-event webinar – VIP only zoom call with Debbie where she’ll share something she’s never revealed
  • Post-event strategy session extended to 1-hour to set you up to achieve your goals
  • Pre-Golf Meditation – Play with a mindset ready for peak performance
  • Bonus time with Debbie – Debbie will stay online following the program to answer questions and provide some personal coaching

*The first 10 VIP Members receive Debbie’s newly recorded Hypnosis Meditation for Success *



The right people for this club are those who want the deepest level of learning possible … those who truly want to make a shift and own their future.

I created this VIP opportunity so I can deliver maximum value and give you more access to our high-quality coaches and to me.

The VIP access is extremely limited – I can only accommodate a small percentage of attendees because I want to keep the experience intimate and there are a limited number of one-on-one coaching times.

Plus you will get these incredible FIRST TIME EVER bonuses with this VIP Package ….

Set yourself up for an extraordinary and game-changing masterclass

You are powerful – you just need the key to tap into the power of your mind. Debbie will prepare you to get the most out of Keys 2.0 and share a simple life-altering strategy.

Extra time with Debbie following the daily webinar where she will answer questions and deliver EXTRA VIP Only Knowledge!

This means that only our VIP Members are going to get this access to Debbie where she will answer your questions pertaining to your personal situation. That’s why I am only offering a limited number of VIP spots, so you will get the coaching that will take you to the next level … so, get your VIP Access now!!

Post event Strategy Session extended to 1 hour with your personal coach …

taking massive action and implementing everything you learned about yourself and in the webinar is the next MOST IMPORTANT step you can take. Your coach will create a strategy and plan for you to become UNSTOPPABLE.

Pre-Golf Meditation Set yourself up for success on the course …

By now you know that peak performance and playing your best (in golf and life) is an inner game. Preparing your mindset to play golf is as important as warming up your body and getting the feel on the putting green. This is your’s to keep forever as a VIP bonus!

For the first 10 VIP MEMBER ONLY –receive Debbie’s recently recorded Hypnotic Meditation for Success!

Debbie will speak directly to your unconscious mind where all of your beliefs that influence your every decision, emotion, and action live. Create the empowering mindset you deserve with this extra-special VIP Bonus.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

This 5-day course won’t work if you don’t work. But if for some reason you aren’t on your way to real success in the first 30 days, email us and we will take care of your refund!